Earth Hour 2019

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A very big thank you to all the participants of our online contest “Sayangi Malaysiaku”.

The success of this contest is only made possible by your energy and drive. In respect of the overwhelming response from the public, Première Hotel is looking forward to host another online contest in the coming year.

Let’s congratulate our winners for year 2018 “Sayangi Malaysiaku” online contest.

Grand Prize: Zarina Ismail

1st Runner up: Fauzana Ismail

2nd Runner up: Wari Penang

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We are delighted to receive the “Loved by Guests” award and we are pleased to share our joy with you!

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Participate in Première Hotel online contest and get a chance to win an EXCLUSIVE prizes!

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A Unique Story About Our Guest!

We have different guests every day, every month and every year. But this guest triggered our curiosity and desire to know more of him. We approached him for a meet up session. Knowing that he is a busy man, having virtual conference and so forth, but we are lucky to have his precious time.

An Australian man whom travelled across the sea to enjoy the beautiful meanings of life and to explore the world with his unique bicycle accompanied by his cute puppy doll which has captured not only the road users but also us! From Westport, he took two hours to cycle to our hotel. Imagine the strong effort he has put into his cycling passion despite the obstacles he went through throughout the journey especially to deal with heavy load road users.

We are delighted to know that he had a great time at our hotel. According to him our hospitality are excellent, our staffs are well trained and our hotel is a comfortable place to stay. We also felt honoured when he said that he will surely come back to Première Hotel. We appreciate that our hotel were his choice of place to stay.

A great grandson of “Charles Darwin” the most popular theorist is indeed a humble man we have met. We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming him back again in the near future.


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